25-Year Reunion Rehearsal Photos

Preparation for the reunion began in late November, 2000, with the first planning committee meeting taking place the first week of December, 2000.   Past member contacts were made with a final "intention to participate" deadline of January 15th, 2001 in order to allow time for song assigments. Once that was done, tapes were made, and many parts were written and accessed as .pdf files on a special group website (Ah, the wonders of the modern world!)

Due to all the members participating in the event, combined with their personal schedules and availability, weekly rehearsals were held through the month of March, a Friday night rehearsal March 30th, and a soundcheck rehearsal the afternoon of the gig.

Below are some photos that were captured during a few the pre-gig rehearsals.

Bob, Derek, and Joe
Bruce and Eric
Dave and Eric
Derek, Bob, Brain, Bob
Derek, Tracey, Dave, Brian
Jim, John, Mark, Mike, Pete
John, Mark, Mike, Pete
Kenny and Bob